"Watkins is the real deal, delivering a highly theatrical and visually stunning show that contains magic of the very highest order."


Corporate Entertainer and Magician Dennis Watkins performs mind reading

The Classic Show

Corporate Magician Dennis Watkins has an affinity for the classics.  This show features some of the art's quintessential mysteries as they were taught to Watkins by his grandfather.  Though they are time-tested classics, Watkins puts his own twist on every one of them so that your audience experiences the same wonder that audiences have reveled in for generations, while watching a show that is fresh, contemporary and absolutely mind-boggling.

In addition to being a master of sleight of hand, Watkins is a bonafide mind-reader.  He peers into his audience's minds to see thoughts, pictures and ideas.  He'll identify objects while blindfolded, shatter glass with his mind and tell you who your childhood crush was.

Corporate clients choose this show because it is a guaranteed hit.  With more than 200 performances of this show every year, Watkins has worked this performance to be adaptable to any situation.

This show can be tailored to suit audiences of 25-2,500 and can run anywhere from 20-90 minutes, depending on your needs.

corporate mentalist dennis watkins in Chicago

The Mind Reading Show

Watkins believes the most powerful tool in his arsenal is the audience's imagination.  This show lives and breathes exclusively in the minds of his audience.  Without typical magician's props or tools, Watkins takes a bare stage and reaches directly into the minds of everyone in the room.

This show is all about your audience.  What they think, feel and say...all of it is fair game for this magician-turned-mentalist.

Watkins identifies objects and pictures while blindfolded, reveals impossible predictions, duplicates drawings he has never seen, tells you when you're lying and much, much more.

This show has become a favorite for Watkins' corporate events because it is smart, savvy entertainment guaranteed to shock and amaze even the most skeptical audiences.

This show can be tailored to suit audiences of 25-2,500 and can run anywhere from 20-90 minutes, depending on your needs.

corporate mind reader Dennis Watkins

Close-Up Magic and Mind Reading

"You need magic you can do right in front of their faces," Watkins' grandfather told him.  "Forget the big boxes, lights and fog machines.  Let the magic be right in front of them.  Better yet, make it happen in their hands."

Growing up with a sleight of hand artist as his mentor, Watkins developed material that could be performed right under the noses of his audience.  A blend of magic and mentalism, Watkins' close-up work is ideal for small, intimate groups.

Using borrowed objects such as money, watches and rings, Watkins delivers magic just as powerful as you would see on a Las Vegas stage, inches from your eyes.

This form of magic is extremely versatile and can be performed in many different situations. 

 Close-up shows are perfect for audiences of 10-50 people and run from 20-90 minutes.  Close-up magic can also be performed strolling throughout the event venue.