The House Theatre of Chicago presents its second close-up magic show in downtown Chicago.  Gather around the card table with 10 other guests for an hour of close-up chicanery with Chicago Magician Dennis Watkins.  Inspired by Chicago's rich history of close-up magic shows, Hoodwink gives you the rare opportunity to experience expert sleight-of-hand in a private room at the historic Palmer House Hilton Hotel.

“As I’ve worked on The Magic Parlour for the last several years, I have recalled many pieces of magic that I have always loved, but are simply too small for a parlour show,” remarked Watkins.  “Some of my most cherished moments were spent sitting with my grandfather at his small table while he made magic for me with the simplest of objects. These are tiny miracles intended to be shared with only a small group of extremely close-up guests.  And yet, they contain more imagination and magic than anything you see on the Las Vegas stage.” 

Hoodwink is available ON-DEMAND at the Palmer House Hilton Hotel in downtown Chicago.  This magic show is suitable for no more than 12 guests at a time and is open to guests ages 16 and older. 

Photos by Ryan Bourque